Today is your chance to pamper your self


Make an appointment for a full body and head massage and relax in the sauna. Complete your beauty care with a visit at the hairdresser s which will totally revitalize you. Our specialists are at your service to make you feel and look bright and healthy.

Massages Treatments

Today is your change to pamper your self


Full body massage with olive oil. The nutritional ingredients of the oil give a soft and youthful look to the skin. Suitable for all ages

Honey massage all over the body with healing and regenerative ingredients. It offers a soft and hydration effect on dry and dull skin.

Massage therapy that offers awareness of sensations, relaxation and stimulation of the muscles with the help of traditional ouzo. Try oyzo in a completely different way and enjoy its beneficial properties.

Body scrub , relaxing body massage and a face or head massage according to your needs. A trip to the sea that will make you relax and enjoy.

Scrub 20’
Body massage 40’
Facial massage or head massage 10’


Face massage that competes with the effect of BOTOX. Tightens the skin, smoothes the wrinkles and gives the skin a relaxed effect


Through a specific method of pressure at the appropriate points of the feet, the therapist restores the balance between body and spirit

It reduces the stress and the strain on the back, neck and shoulders. The almond oil helps in the total muscle relaxation

A delightful scrub massage with a combination of 5 different oils which releases tension relief from migraines and also helps in hair strengthening

Essential Oils, especially selected, combined with a rhythmic, relaxing massage technique that relieves tension, restores the senses and offers absolute tranquility

Deep massage with specific pressure techniques, massage and mobilization that relieve muscle tension and stress

Slimming and firming massage that offers great results in the legs, buttock and abs

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Face - Body Wraps & Scrubs


After a glorious day under the sun, enjoy this soothing treatment that also combats the signs of stress and fatigue with the power of Aloe Vera and Royal Jelly

An “infusion of beauty” made to measure all ages and needs. Choose amongst your elixir of 30 for vitality and luminosity, 40 for firmness and hydration or 50 for density and nutrition

Give skin a quick, nourishing drink with a cleansing, and facial massage. All in just 30 minutes. Suitable for everyone


A refreshing and energizing wrap containing Aloe Vera and Mint which is deeply regenerating and ideal as an after sun treatment

A revitalizing treatment for your legs and feet that improves blood micro-circulation and eliminates liquids and toxins. Ideal for pregnant women


A natural and anti-aging orange peel exfoliant to leave the skin soft, clean and velvety following a relaxing aromatherapy protocol

A refreshing body scrub with vitamins and algae extracts that nourish and soften the skin. Ideal for dry and thirsty skin


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