Запишитесь на такие процедуры, как массаж всего тела или массаж головы, и расслабьтесь в сауне. Завершите ваш комплекс процедур косметического ухода визитом в парикмахерскую, который вдохнет в вас новую жизнь. Наши специалисты всегда к вашим услугам и помогут вам блестяще выглядеть и чувствовать себя здоровыми.


Процедуры по уходу за лицом и телом

Сегодня пришло время побаловать себя

Massage Therapies

Touching and kneading are two of the oldest and most commonly used techniques for the human body. Nowadays, people are in absolute need of these massage techniques, in order to feel less stressed.
Trust our therapists’ experienced hands at “Zoe Therapies”. Enjoy a therapeutic, relaxing and balancing massage with essential oils made especially for your own needs.

40min/ 50€ 30min/ 40€ 20min/ 30€

A special technique of deep massage that helps through breathing and kneading, in a gentle way, to reduce chronic muscle pains and to untie muscle knots of the body. During the session, our therapists
use a special balsam (spatholado) and a variety of essential oils. This massage is suitable for instant relief from muscle and bone pains, for deep relaxation and for restoring the muscular system to its natural
and healthy condition.

40min / 50€ (FULL BODY) 30min / 40€ (BACK AND NECK)
20min / 30€ (ONLY BACK OR NECK)

The head is the chief of the human body. It is the area where the brain, which never stops working, is located. It is the area where synthesis and analysis of information takes place. Ancient civilizations paid a lot
of attention on head treatment. Indian Head massage is a particularly gentle and relaxing therapeutic technique. During an Indian Head massage session, special points of the area are activated and body energy
is unblocked.

30min / 40€ 20min / 30€

Every person is unique with different, special needs in every moment of his/ her life. Our experienced therapists use their deep knowledge on the holistic therapies and create unique sessions, totally adjusted
to your own personal needs. Feel free to relax in the hands of our therapists and enjoy a combination of multiple techniques such as Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, Thai and Lymphatic massage.

40min / 60€

The lymphatic system is a very important system of the human body. It has a multiple but very important role because it gathers filters and finally discards dead cells, bacteria, viruses, water and fat. The lymphatic
massage is a gentle but very effective therapeutic technique which helps the increase of the lymph flow.

40min / 50€

Facial & Body Therapies

Special face treatment appropriate for your personal skin type. It is a therapy appropriate even for every day that offers your face and neckline special treatment using pure, natural products. You
can choose between a face cleansing treatment with clay or a hydrating face treatment with natural soap, natural resins’ serum and hydrating cream with fruit. Now you can offer your skin an
everyday refreshing gift. (Treatment suitable for both men and women)

30min / 30€

Hydration is necessary for our health and the homeostasis of our organism. Yogurt, which is nutritionally rich in protein, calcium and vitamins B6 and B12, reinforces the skin oiliness, relieves skin
rashes and keeps our face moisturized especially during summer. The soothing and hydrating properties of Greek yogurt energize the skin regeneration process and offer you a unique combination
of freshness and delight. (Treatment suitable for both men and women)

40min / 40€

Taking care of our face with high quality products is our duty in order to keep it healthy and shiny. This is a deep anti-age and firming treatment which combines the antioxidant properties of
grapes with proteins. This treatment is about mixing nature with the experience that “Zoe therapies” is able to offer you, in order to have the best result. (Treatment suitable for both men and

40min / 60€

Get rid of skin dead cells and gain a soft and smooth skin. You will start with a purifying antioxidant peeling and continue with a full body mini massage that will hydrate and relax your body.
(Treatment suitable for both men and women)

40min /50€

Intensive firming and anti-age skin treatment. Natural drastic ingredients such as seaweeds, green tea and essentials oils with lemon and ivy are used to restore skin firmness. Seaweeds are
rich in antioxidants and minerals which offer protection to the skin collagen. A relieving anti-cellulite massage will bring the desired result.

50min / 60€

Honey used to be the Food of Kings and Queens. It makes the skin shine and look healthy. It is combined perfectly with the apricot, which is full of A and C vitamins. This treatment will
improve your skin quality and make it glow! (Treatment suitable for both men and women)

50min /60€

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