Traditional Greek Hospitality

Greece is famous as the cradle of modern civilization and country with numerous historical sites and beautiful nature. But, the very first thing you are greeted with once you cross the Greek border is Greek hospitality. The foundations of the Greek hospitality are as old as the legacies of an ancient Greek civilization, and it […]

Greek specialties admired by Non-Greeks

Greece is the homeland of democracy, modern history and exquisite cuisine. Although you probably had a chance to taste some Greek specialties abroad, it shouldn’t prevent you to enjoy an authentic experience. Without tasting gourmet specialties on this short list, you cannot say you’ve been to Greece.   Gyros (Gyro) Gyros is fast food number […]

Get Warmed Up By Engaging Kassandra Events

Most people coming to the Kassandra peninsula during the summertime crave for seaside and nighttime activities, but no one should be satisfied only with that. Especially since this time of the year features numerous festivals and events that don’t fail to delight local and foreign passers-by. Listed below are some not to be missed manifestations. […]