Avoid Sunburns and Have a Marvelous Holiday

Avoid Sunburns and Have a Marvelous Holiday

The summer holiday is one of the rare periods throughout the year when we manage to relax. And that’s why we should keep all inconveniences at bay, including sunburns. Although aware of them, many people still get troublesome sunburns, which prevent them to enjoy the holiday. By taking the advice the Hotel Kriopigi in Halkidiki […]

Great Food and Places to Eat

Great food and places to eat in Kassandra

Besides spending a holiday by the seaside, Kassandra is famous for many fine taverns and restaurants. There, you will taste famous Greek specialties you have only heard of before. So, if you come to Halkidiki any time of the year, you will combine at least three of the benefits this region offers. And these are […]

Children’s facilities at the Hotel Kriopigi

Children’s facilities

The Hotel Kriopigi, located in Kriopigi – Halkidiki, caters to the needs of all its guests. The hotel provides a wide range of services and conveniences for both adults and kids. And while the former can use their time for a much needed rest, the latter are welcome to unwind in our facilities providing a […]

5 Most Beautiful Beaches of Kassandra Halkidiki

6 Most Beautiful Beaches of Kassandra

Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki has many beautiful beaches. You can find many of them in and around summer resorts. But, if you like to explore, you can enjoy many of them that aren’t crowded. So, let’s see which beaches of Kassandra you should visit.   Glarokavos beach The beach of Glarokavos spreads on the south-east […]

Appreciate the Diversity of the Mediterranean Cuisine

Appreciate the Diversity of the Mediterranean Cuisine

The Mediterranean region was always inhabited by various nationalities. Thus, many different cultures influenced what we call today the Mediterranean cuisine. Greek, Italian and Turkish cuisines are some reputable cuisines of this region. Such a renowned cuisine features various elements, and these are some of them: Fish and seafood Thanks to the nearness of the […]

premium facilities for an enjoyable vacation

Premium facilities for an enjoyable vacation

Everyone becomes bored and tired from the work sooner or later, no matter how much we enjoy doing it. Thus, it is of utmost importance to get rest and enjoy our vacation as much as possible. So, why not to treat yourself with the best Halkidiki has to offer? Hotel Kriopigi has comfortable rooms, friendly […]

Visit Ancient Stagira

Visit Ancient Stagira, a significant archeological site

A significant archeological site of Halkidiki Halkidiki is famous as a region with splendid nature and seaside. But, it is also a significant historic site. So, if you would like to enrich your vacation with a history tour, you have plenty of options in Halkidiki. Ancient Stagira, around 135 km distant from Hotel Kriopigi, is a […]

Tips for travelling with young children

Tips for travelling with young children

All seasoned parents know how travelling with young children tends to be tiresome. But, since you already plan a vacation, try to make the most of it. So, if you have very young kids, you will find this article’s tips very useful. After all, you deserve to get needed rest as much as the little […]

Prepare for a Summer Holiday

How You Should Prepare for a Summer Holiday

We all look forward to summer holidays. It is a time when we relax and enjoy. And forget all the concerns that await us back home. To prepare our vacation, we should plan it in advance. Thus, following some simple steps will allow you to get ready without any stress. Start early and make a […]

Tips and Benefits of Early Booking

Tips and Benefits of Early Booking

Summer season is still far-off, but time for you to secure an affordable holiday is already here. Early booking always comes with a wide range of benefits, including discounts, a wide range of accommodation options and else. Hence, you can find some Hotel’s Kriopigi tips for ensuring the best value for money ratio in the […]