5 Most Beautiful Beaches of Kassandra Halkidiki

Kassandra peninsula in Halkidiki has many beautiful beaches. You can find many of them in and around summer resorts. But, if you like to explore, you can enjoy many of them that aren’t crowded. So, let’s see which beaches of Kassandra you should visit.


Glarokavos beach


The beach of Glarokavos spreads on the south-east coastline of Kassandra. The beach is sandy, mixed with tiny pebbles, and the water is relatively shallow around the shore. Behind the beach there are big trees under which you can park your vehicle. Glarokavos ends with a lagoon used as a port for fishing boats.



Aigeopelagitika Beach


Aigeopelagitika, near Posidi, is some 15 kilometers away from the Hotel Kriopigi. It is a long and wide beach with soft sand and shallow waters. The sea here is always peaceful and a few beach bars provide refreshments. During weekends, popular parties take place there.

Since Aigeopelagitika is large, it is never crowded. Thus, you can enjoy the utmost tranquility of the place. Water sports are also available near Cocus bar and Encore beach bar.



Posidi Cape


Posidi Cape (Faros or Lighthouse) is a sandbank penetrating into the sea. It is also located near Posidi and features a lighthouse. As you access the sandbank, you will be under the impression that you are in a desert. But then, you will see the surrounding sea as you approach the peak. Make sure to take sunbeds, water and everything necessary with you.



Chrouso Beach


Also known as Paliouri, Chrouso Beach (20 kilometers away from the Hotel Kriopigi) is a bay filled with bars. Once you get into the sea, you will need to walk over 30 meters to reach deep waters. You can find natural shade and a marina on the beach. Chrouso becomes especially crowded during weekends and when cruise boats dock. Waters are calm, which is convenient for kids and water sports enthusiasts.



Kallithea Beach


Finally, Kallithea, near Hotel Kriopigi, is another beautiful beach you should visit in Kassandra. It has soft sand and turquoise, shallow waters. Kallithea Beach is long and has natural shade and bars.



Kriopigi Beach

Kriopigi sandy beach

The beach of Kriopigi has received the Blue Flag because the beach and the sea are clear, clean and it’s safe to swim. It consists of white sand and is surrounded by beautiful hills covered with pine trees that reach to the beach. There are facilities at the beach and you can rent sun beds and umbrellas on some parts.




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